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  1. Over 55: deciding your own future

    what is it?

    Advancing age brings physiological, psychological and motivational changes that have an impact on our identity and our behavior.

    To positively address this time of life we need to make conscious choices, and this initiative aims to facilitate just that.


    during this meeting to raise awareness

    We will understand together the phenomenon and the dynamics of aging to develop new perceptions on this period of life and stimulate in each of us useful insights, to be able to make conscious decisions about how we want to live our future.

    There will be opportunity to explore information of scientific interest that will help us move away from negative and stereotypical concepts of aging.


    after this meeting we will be able to

    • Develop awareness of the subjective blocks that limit our ability to age successfully.
    • Take new perspectives and views on aging.
    • Reflect on the consequences of our choices or non-choices.
    • Take decisions and implement actions to age contentedly.


    who is it for?

    Employed persons between 50 and 65 years of age.



    • 1 day.


  2. Young people meet the world of work; a struggle between desire and reality

    The difficulty that young people face entering the labor market is much greater today in Italy than in other European countries. The youth unemployment rate (up to thirty years’ old) is more than double the total unemployment rate.

    The crisis of the youth labor market has a strong impact at a social and psychological level: the share of young people who still live at home has grown, and fertility rates remain among the lowest in Europe. Concern among parents as well as young people about the uncertainty of the future is growing.


    a proposed solution

    Before offers businesses and private individuals an initiative dedicated to sons and daughters who are entering the world of work with the dual objective of:

    • supporting the development of a professional project that combines the needs of the market with the desires of young people
    • provide concrete tools to enter the labor market

    This initiative is promoted within companies as a service for the welfare of the employees and is also open to individuals.


    the project

    the initiative is aimed at mixed groups of school leavers and graduates, as well as children of employees of private individuals who have access to some important resources:

    • parents with different backgrounds and professions;
    • individual coaching meetings;
    • network of peers who work in the world;
    • three-people meetings with the family and the young person;
    • possible internships at the participating companies.

    The path is composed of a balanced mix of tools for “visibility”, with aspects of awareness of their own desires, and a realistic approach to the individual’s potential in the market.


    the agenda

    1° meeting-2 days

    A personal plan between desire and reality:

    • representations of the labor market;
    • desires and expectations for future work;
    • a plan for the future;
    • an estimate of their own abilities;
    • networking: self reflections;
    • concrete strategies for action.

    2° meeting-2 days

    Tools for self- marketing:

    • Italian and foreign labor markets;
    • personal branding;
    • techniques for job search beyond the CV;
    • networks;
    • CV: how it is read by the recruiter;
    • the interview.


  3. The balance of life – nurturing our own future

    what is it?

    We all find ourselves, at certain moments in life, taking stock of what we have achieved, and this translates into a series of questions about ourselves and the meaning of life. This reflection, more or less conscious, generates a legitimate sense of weakness that makes us more sensitive to our surroundings. This leads sometimes to incorrect assessments of the past or judgements that may be strongly influenced by the opinions of others, destabilizing us and making us lose our ability to reflect on our experience s with pride.


    during this laboratory

    We will learn to look at our life with new eyes, to re-launch ourselves, as a project, into the future. We will do this through a journey into the past and in the present to build the future we want.


    after this laboratory we will be able to

    • Develop awareness from the messages of our history.
    • Identify the threads that have shaped our lives.
    • Tell our stories in a new way from the past to rediscover individual resources.
    • Apply new paradigms on aging.
    • Mobilize new energy for the future.


    who is it for?

    Employed people over 45 years of age.



    • 3 consecutive days.


  4. Planning the post-work years

    what is it?

    Retirement comes with enormous changes, with so much time available and with different experiences ranging from contentment at the prospect of being able to do anything you like, to the fear of emptiness.

    The challenge is not only to plan the first years after work, but to look beyond and keep up vital strength also later in life.


    during the laboratory

    • Together we will see how to recognize and fully accept the experiences that retirement will bring, which means also being able to successfully conclude the working relationship.
    • We will understand how important it is to follow some interests in order to ensure vitality and satisfaction, with the aim of achieving a comprehensive personal development.
    • We will rebuild our daily activities for a full life and develop new forms of creativity.


    after the laboratory I will be able to

    • Revisit my relationship with time to avoid routine and boredom.
    • Renew relations with others (couples, family, friends) and develop new ones.
    • Address my needs and values, taking into account any constraints.
    • Take care of myself physically, mentally, intellectually and psychologically.


    who is it for?

    Employed people close to retirement. We recommend attending the workshop at least six months before the end of employment.



    • 2 consecutive days.