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In 1999 I founded Before and deal with the development of behavioral and managerial skills and coaching.

I am partner of Before since 2005 and I am expert in consulting and intercultural training, evaluation of potential and management of guidance paths.

Associate Trainers

I work mainly on issues of people management and leadership in companies. Through training, workshops and coaching, I support people in improving how they work and interact with colleagues.

Since 1996 I have been working as a trainer, researcher and consultant in the not-for-profit and private enterprise sectors. Mainly I work on relational, communication and organizational skills, also with a focus on intercultural competences.

I have lived and worked in Italy, Spain and Switzerland. I am particularly focused on the development of communication and interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence. I deliver training, coaching and counseling in private companies and non-profit organizations.

I work as a consultant and trainer, helping people in organizations develop their skills. I am passionate about the issues of self-empowerment and diversity management, issues that I have had the opportunity to transfer to international organizational contexts.

I am a Social Psychologist and Psychotherapist, specialized in Transactional Analysis.Through my work I aim to help people to hold together what is often separate - life and work.

Training consultant and coach, I have been developing change management and empowerment projects for more than twenty years.

Gaduated in Educational Psychologym I work with counseling concept of listening to prevent discomfort.

I am consultant, trainer and coach, working in the design, planning and implementation of organizational development projects.

I deliver public speaker coaching in English and am involved in several projects including women’s assertiveness, change management and leadership.

Opera da più di 30 anni presso diverse organizzazioni per accompagnare lo sviluppo delle persone e collabora con Before sui dei progetti in lingua francese.

I work in management training with the aim of optimizing functional capabilities. I work on safety projects for the prevention of human error.

Management Consultant and Coach. I design and implement systems and models linked to resources, from change management to leadership development paths.

I work on development projects of personal resources in varied contexts. I participate in development projects of intercultural awareness applied to managerial roles and virtual teams.

Luisa La Via

I am a Leadership Coach. I work on Human Resources Development in the field of luxury worldwide. I'm working with Coaching, Training and Development.

Claudio Muci

Corporate communication and interpersonal one move without a solution of continuity between physical and digital. How communication mechanisms and relations among people do change?

Associate Partner


Working with consulting, training and developing professional games.