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Diversity Inclusion

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Diversity Inclusion

In the face of what is different from us, we activate legitimate and physiological defense mechanisms, which do not allow us to work to our full potential and even less facilitate “the other”, considered different. On closer inspection, who is different from whom? Sometimes it is a game between minorities and majorities, other times we are unable to enter into a relationship with what in the first instance does not belong to us; Our projects work on building skills and acquiring tools to manage not only diversity but also the most common differences that arise daily at work even with people who are very close to us and who seem to be very similar to us; it is therefore not just a matter of consolidating a new culture of inclusion but of having the concrete means to manage the typical moments of interaction with others in order to achieve the results required by organizations.

Some trainings:

  • The richness of differences
  • Who is different from whom?
  • A transversal approach to Diversity
    Workshop with mixed groups: enhancing “gender diversity”
  • Inclusive Ambassador in the company: facilitating the path to inclusion
  • Intergenerational leadership
  • Intergenerational collaborations
  • Maturity talent

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