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“Having courage” in your business environment means much more than “throwing yourself” or “taking risks”, having courage is a concept that has a profound value, it has to do with our identity and the meaning it has for we our life in terms of personal fulfillment. An act of courage can literally change the entire course of our existence and take us to a higher level.


What is courage

Courage is intimately linked to the concept of change, to the ability to get out of the rigid pattern, the stagnant situation, the comfort zone and “go beyond”. Everything I have just written is almost always scary, but absurdly it is a fear that arises as an instinct for conservation but which, in the long run, can lead to negative consequences. Think for example of a company that, due to the lack of courage of its managers, does not renew itself, does not adapt to market changes and in the end is forced to declare bankruptcy.


Overcoming the fear of change

Courage has to do with overcoming the fear of change, with all the risks that this entails.

But what are these risks? There are several aspects to consider, practical, first of all, but also social, such as the risk of not being accepted for what one wants to become, for the change that is taking place.

Yet there is something that can support us in this very difficult process: on the one hand it is the need to feel whole, to feel that we are respecting our true and profound need, on the other hand the awareness that what we are going to earn is more important. of what we will lose. It is this awareness that can make the difference, making it easier for us to choose to act with courage.


Courage is always subjective

Let us remember that the evaluation of the gesture of courage is always completely subjective. For some of us it may be easy to choose to change jobs, if we feel confident in our choice and our prospects, for others, even choosing to make small changes to the way we approach the work environment can be an extremely difficult choice. to take and that requires a good dose of courage.



Another aspect to consider is respect, not towards others, but towards ourselves, our times and our frailties. True courage is not when we make a choice “straight away”, but when we prepare ourselves and our hearts for what we have to face, calmly and serenely, respecting the right times and without forcing ourselves. In fact, there is also the courage to wait and act at the right moment.


Cultivate courage in one’s actions

But then is it possible to “increase” one’s courage? Certainly yes, there are techniques and training to learn to overcome situations that frighten us and not to get stuck.

Some techniques involve exercises that allow us to identify the conditionings that block us and to overcome them, because, let’s remember, fear exists only in our mind.


Make the leap

In the end, every act of courage involves a good dose of unpredictability, there will always be variables and unknowns that we cannot anticipate. Accepting this unpredictability with confidence in oneself and in the future is the essence of this leap that sometimes life calls us to make.



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